Sunday, May 8, 2011

Positive vibes?

Let's talk about something positive for a change, shall we? I feel like all of my (sporadic) posts lately have been about how sad I am. How lost I feel. Let's talk about the exciting parts of me moving. 

1. This is going to be the best summer ever! I am going to do a bunch of road trips. I am going to Atlantic City with some friends. I am seriously considering going to see Britney in concert. 

2. The weather! The part of the country that I currently live in is known for it's terrible weather. It is going to be much warmer & much sunnier in the new place. 

3. I am going to be within driving distance of my parents. 

4. I found out last week that my best friend from high school is expecting. I am now going to be within driving distance of her too, and am going to help her decorate the nursery over the summer. 

5. My hometown has a drive-in movie theatre. 

6. I'm going to law school in the fall. 

7. I'm going to buy a condo. Yay for homeownership (again). 

8. No one will know about my ex,
or the wedding that didn't happen. 

I am sure that there are even more excellent things about this move. If you can think of any, leave me a comment. I could use some more positive vibes.

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