Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's go condo shopping

I'm in the market for a condo.
I used to own a home. My ex and I bought a townhouse about a year into our relatinoship. We were starting our life together, and we found an adorable little townhouse. It was 1500 square feet. It had 3 official bedrooms (although if it was a rental, the basement rec room would totally be a bedroom). It had an open concept main floor, and a tiny deck to BBQ on. And we loved it. I became a homeowner at the ripe age of 23.
In the two and a half years that we lived there, the market in our city changed dramatically. Our tiny townhouse went up in value about 70%. Which means that when my ex and I broke up, he had to buy me out at market value.Which means that I ended up with a bit of money in my pocket for a downpayment on my next place.
So, I am in the market for a condo. I am planning on renting out one of the rooms to a roommate for the time being. To help me pay for the mortgage payments.
I have a bit of a wishlist.
2 bedroom
2 bathroom (including master ensuite for me)
Laundry within the condo (as opposed to shared)
Outside access (ie balcony)
Storage Space
Move in ready
I am excited to start looking for a place. Really excited. I am excited to buy a place of my own, and to start decorating. I stil have a lot of the furniture and artwork from my old house (because I was the one who bought the art, and while my ex got things like BBQ & Whipper-snipper, I got things like couch & coffee table). I have been cruising etsy non-stop looking at things that I love, and things that I can't wait to buy and put into my own place.
My parents are coming to visit this weekend, and we have some appointments set up with an agent. She is going to be showing us an variety of condos and town houses in the area that I am looking. 
Do any of you have your own place? Any things that I should add to the must haves while condo hunting?

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