Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am feeling so uncomfortable in my life right now.

Half of the time I feel like I am running out of time in the city. Running out of time to spend with my friends, and running out of time to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean that I see every day (and often take for granted). I feel like I won't have time to say all the things that I need to say. To all the people who have been so amazing to me over the past six months.

I feel unsettled at work. I am just trying to move things off my desk, and prepare them for whoever is taking over my position. I am trying not to get into too many major projects, and trying to keep my eye on my new position.

I feel like I can't really do anything right now. That all my time is going to be taken up with tying up loose ends. With packing. With selling my belongings that I am not taking with me. I am going to my last book club meeting. To my last scrap booking night (that's right, I'm in a crafting club). I am going on my last hike with the  youth group I volunteer with.

The other half of the time I can't wait to get started in the new city. To go and live with my best friend from university. To have the best summer ever. And to get ready for a whole new life in the fall. I feel like I want to pack my things. To just get going already.

I guess that right now all I can do is make the best of the time that I have here, and try not to feel impatient. I am sure that once I am on my way to the new city, I will feel like the time flew by...


  1. Well, sometimes we are so anxious about the days that will come that we miss "today(s)".

  2. Thanks. That comment really hit home for me. I have actually been trying to remind myself of it over the past few days. Thank you.