Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dating is Terrifying

This whole dating thing is terrifying. Like, really terrifying.

Part of me feels like I should not even be thinking about dating yet. I mean, my wedding date has not even come yet. I am still within the time period that I was supposed to be getting married. People are still running into me in coffee shops and asking if I am getting excited for my "big day."

(Seriously, don't you people gossip? Don't you know that my finance left me with no warning? Couldn't you be a little more in touch with facebook/other people so you don't have to put us both in this awkward situation of me telling you that I am not, in fact, getting married?)

But another part of me feels like I need to jump back on the dating horse. Not that I have dated anyone since, like, early 2007. But, I feel like I should get some practice, before I am serious about finding someone to spend my life with. Or something.

Do people do that? Practice dating?

1 comment:

  1. I think you'll be ready once you find somebody who can catch your interest.