Saturday, November 27, 2010


I read this blog post about what it means to be single. And I loved it. It really showed how I have been feeling about being single, since I am very newly single and just getting used to it.

I think the silence things is the thing that makes the most sense to me. Right now, it is 10:13am on a Saturday morning. I woke up shortly after 9 (it was actually 9:11 on my clock when I woke up, weird). And I haven't spoken yet. I haven't turned on the tv, or the radio. It is quiet. Really quiet.

I have no real big plans for the day. I have a load of work to do today, so I am going to be putting some quiet time in at home today, and probably tonight. It is going to be a day very filled with silence.

I am going to go to the coffee shop in a few minutes to get some tea and a bagel, and will have to speak to order, but then it will be back to my apartment, and back to silence.

I am slowly getting used to the silence. And just me.

The only time that I seem to mind the silence is at bedtime. When I turn off the tv, wash my face & brush my teeth, and get into bed. Sure, I read for a little while. But then the lights go out. And it is quiet. Really quiet. Sometimes, in fact, it is too quiet for me. And I turn on the dehumidifier for some background noise. So that I can't hear the wind, the creaks & cracks or my own breathing.

But I do really love being able to do things on my own time. Getting ready in the morning, and washing my face at night. And having the bathroom all to myself. If I leave the cabinet door open, it is still open when I get home. It is nice to never have anyone moving your things. Everything is right where you left it*.

*This doesn't work as well when you can't find something though... no one to ask if they have seen whatever it is that you are missing. Which reminds me, has anyone seen my pink glasses? I have no idea where they are.

What do you love/hate about being single?

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