Sunday, January 30, 2011


I don't know if you are all following me on Twitter or not, but if you are, you know that I am being swallowed whole by my LSAT books. I am two weeks away from my rewrite, and have been using all of my brain power reviewing LSAT information.

And, you will have also noticed, that I am driving myself crazy.

I feel so lonely being stuck, by  myself, in my apartment. It is not the same as when I was in university and I knew that all of my friends were also stuck in their apartments studying. No, my friends are all done school, and doing fun things like drinking and going to concerts.

And I am sitting at home, taking short breaks to play scrabble on my iPhone.

Plus, my parents left for a vacation in Mexico this morning, and will be gone for a week. So I don't even have my never failing mother to call and whine about how terrrrible all this studying is.

(This is what I feel like. Except I am not a toddler. Or Japanese)

Boo. Studying sucks.

And I realize that once I go to law school, I am going to be studying non stop. But it will be different, because I will have classmates. And they will have sucky studying lives too. And I won't be all alone in study land.

That is all. I'm sorry that this entire post was me complaining.... (but this is my blog after all... hehe)


  1. I laughed out loud when I read "Except I am not a toddler. Or Japanese" :)

  2. I feel the same as you hun :) My friends were all out last night and so I had to stay in - It sucks - love this blog x

  3. I'm in law school right now and that pic depicts exactly how I feel. Good luck!

  4. Laura, Haha. I was cracking myself up when I was writing it. :)

    Sparkles, Thanks for the comment! Staying home is lame :)

    Lani, Thanks! Hopefully I will be in law school in September and I can post that picture on my bulletin board or something :)