Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today is the first really big snowstorm of the season here! I am so excited!

We have not really had much snow yet this year. I live really close to the ocean, so we often get rain, instead of snow. Last night they were calling for 10-15cm, but I was doubtful. This morning there was about 3cm on the ground...

But then it started snowing harder! We were even sent home from work early!

Yay for (partial) snow days!

So now, I am chilling in my apartment, eating some sushi. Some of my girl friends are coming over in a little while to eat some cupcakes and drink some wine...

What do you do when the weather closes things down?


  1. I wish the weather would close things down here! I still have to get out to my car in minus 30 weather and make my way to work. Le sigh...but what I really think we should have are days off for awesome weather days. So instead of snow days, sun days!
    On a positive note, you have inspired me to grab some sushi after work now! Thanks :)

  2. Yay sushi! I used to work at a Summer Camp and we had "Sun Days" there. All of the activities would close because it was too hot, and everyone would head to the waterfront to do water related activities. Unfortunately, I was a lifeguard, so I didn't get those days off... but it was a great theory!