Friday, January 7, 2011

The LSAT. Again.

So I received my LSAT score yesterday. It was not what I had hoped that it would be. It was, realistically, what I was expecting. I found the actual LSAT much harder than any of the practice tests that I had completed. I guess that my nerves got to me. The score isn't terrible. But it is a "maybe I'll get into the school of my choice" rather than a "I will probably get into the school of my choice." I think that improving my score by 5 points will put me into the "most likely" category. (And improving by 10 points will put me in the "Welcome to Law School" category...)


I am going to rewrite in February.

I have a whole month to restudy. I am contacting my prelaw advisor to look for a tutor. I am much more emotionally stable than I was when I began studying in September. And even more healed than when I wrote a month ago.

So, here we go again!

(I sound much more positive and confident than I am feeling).


  1. I think that it's great you want to improve your score even though it sounds like you did pretty well. Go girl! You can do it!

    And who knows, speaking positively possibly increases our chances of feeling it :)

  2. Thanks Nat! I had a bit of a breakdown about it all last night, but am feeling a lot better about it today. Hope you are having a good weekend!