Saturday, January 15, 2011

Study, Study

After my first attempt at the LSAT, I decided that I should take a prep course to try to prepare for my second attempt. I registered for an in person course in my area. (To be honest, I registered for the same prep course before the December LSAT, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment). I called several times to confirm that the course was going ahead. Thursday, the woman on the phone assured me that the course would go ahead. And last night I received and email telling me that the course has been cancelled.

So I went to my Plan B.

I am going to do a prep course online.

I decided to go with a Kaplan LSAT Advantage On Demand course. I will get to do all of the classroom hours on my own  schedule (which is going to be tight, I write again on February 12). But, I am feeling really optimistic about it.

Have you taken an online course like this? Any of you studying for the LSAT? What is your plan?


  1. I am doing an Open University course which I do at home (or work!). Everything is sent to me and I have a tutor who I send assignments to. I'm doing it just for my own personal challenge and interest - it's very difficult, but satisfying! It sounds like your studies will lead to a career which is so motivating. Good luck with it :)

  2. I took the Kaplan in person course. Kaplan is really good as long as you do what they say. Good luck!!!!!!!

  3. Nat, Thanks! I am getting there.

    CGL, it is good to hear a good rec for Kaplan. I am just getting into it this weekend, and it is going well so far. Must. Stay. Focused. :)