Monday, January 24, 2011

I love my iPhone...

So, I am totally in love with my iPhone. It has so many fun apps. Plus, I feel super cool when I am using it.
I mentioned that I had been at a work event, and that the sales guy from the cell phone company had talked me into buying it.
The very cute, and seemed really genuinely nice sales guy.
I am just starting to notice that men exist again. When I was with my ex, I didn't really notice guys very much. I mean, I might have noticed a beautiful man sitting next to me on a plane, but on a day to day basis, I didn't really notice men. In fact, at the same event last year, the same cute cell phone sales guy was across from me the day, and I had no recollection of him this year. He was the one who reminded me that we had both been in the same places last year.
Because I am just recently back in the game, I am having a bit of a hard time knowing when someone is being nice, and when someone is flirting with me. And as I mentioned before, I have no idea how to tell if someone is single or not. Aside from the wedding ring check.
So I spent the day chatting with the cute sales guy, and promised that I would come out to see him in his store the next day to get my iPhone purchased & set up.
At home that night it dawned on me, I could look him up on Facebook. Just a quick search let me know that he does, in fact, have a girlfriend.
We are living in the future, folks.
It didn't all turn out badly. I did end up with my super awesome cool iPhone. And he did get me a great deal on my monthly plan (I look like a student, right?).
Have you Facebook stalked potential dates? Any tips on how to find out if someone is single? (Although now that I have my iPhone, I can just head to the restroom and check from there... too creepy?)
*Sorry I have been missing in action the past week or so, I have been focused on LSAT studying and it is melting my brain...)


  1. I think a little Facebook research is fairly common now. I just changed my status to 'single' on Facebook. Unfortunately I didn't realise is was announced to everyone, I thought it would just show up on my info page. It looks like I've written it myself, like a crazy loon. Natalie is single!

    Hope the studying is going well :)

  2. Nat, I think that you can remove that from your profile, to the far right there should be an option of a delete so that it won't show on the news feed.n :) Yes, I think that facebook stalking is pretty common these days!

  3. I think everyone is guilty of facebook stalking. I think its a good idea actually. You might see he has a lot of family pics and does a lot of fun stuff. On the other hand he may have some outrageous pictures or things that help you steer away from him. Its within your comfort range for now so go for it!

  4. Ahh, I had not really thought about family photos... I am going to take a second look at my own facebook account!