Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pity Party

I had a little breakdown last night.

It has been almost a week since I returned from visiting my family for the holidays. I was feeling overwhelmed with the past couple of days. I received my LSAT mark yesterday, and have decided that I need to rewrite the exam. I spent some time yesterday researching prep courses, and planning what needs to happen over the next 5 weeks.

I was feeling really lonely, and kind of sad. I was feeling like I have been doing everything by myself, and that I don't really have anyone that I can totally lean on. (Not that my friends and family aren't amazing, it is just hard not to be anyone's number one. The person who is allowed to lean on someone, no matter what).

Did I mention that I came home to a dead mouse in my kitchen (which did not smell awesome) and evidence that the little dude had been having a free for all while I was away. 

So this weekend, I need to clean my entire apartment, including taking all my pots & pans & dishes out of the kitchen cabinets, washing everything and putting it all away again.  I have some laundry to do, and since my flight was delayed, I hadn't even completely unpacked. I am planning on going back to the Fat Fighting group that I joined to help me lose some of this break up weight (as well as the holiday weight that I added to it...)  In addition to all of that, I need to begin studying for the LSAT. Again.

So  yeah. I was having a bit of a pity party for one. Well, actually, two. Since I called my mom and cried to her on the phone. (It was really nice of me to invite her to the party...)

What do you do when you are hit with sudden bouts of loneliness?  How do you cope?


  1. I had a pity party today. While down in the lobby with other people present I cried on Skype to my mom, sister and brother. I'm not ashamed. It happens sometimes. Earlier on I cried to my friend Nathaniel too. Hmm.. I cried a lot today.

  2. And I thought it was just me! I've been having pity parties for one every so often recently, especially over the festive period when my normal routine was disrupted. I need work and challenge, otherwise, like you say, it's far too easy to notice that I'm not somebody's number one. Of course we can feel fabulous without that, but when we feel low, it can hit us hard. Remember how many people love you, and that this feeling will pass :)

    I also like to drink wine and watch Family Guy.

  3. Dolly, sorry that you also had a pity party kind of day... It is good that you got to talk to your fam on skype though...

    Nat, I had some wine and chatted with a friend last night. I ended up feeling a whole lot better...

  4. Hi TL,

    Not to troll on your blog, but if you're still doing your LSAT prep course research, I work for Blueprint LSAT Preparation, which, as the name suggests, specializes in LSAT prep. We actually have an awesome online prep course which might suit your needs. You can check it out at, and you're welcome to shoot me an email at if you're interested in further info.

    Anyway, now ends my trolling. Good luck in the LSAT prep/law school pursuit!

    -Dave Woods

  5. Hey! Don’t lose heart! It’s okay to not score well the first time, at least now you know where you lagged behind. After your first attempt you get to know about your strength and weaknesses so now, make sure you do not miss out anything this time during your LSAT Prep.