Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How can you tell?

I have not been single in a long time. In fact, the last time that I was single, I was 22. And not looking for a husband. And, not very many people my age were married.

I am not 22 anymore. And a lot of people my age are married.

I am just starting to notice men, again. Like, notice that they exist. I walked around for three months after my breakup in a daze. (And looking like a bag-lady, I was lucky if I had a shower, let alone put on makeup). But the daze has lifted. And I am starting to think about the fact that I might have to date at some point. And I might have to attract someone who wants to date me.

But who should I date? How can I know who to give my flirty eyes to? (Oh god, who knows what my flirty eyes look like, it has been a while since I have had to use them to actually attract anyone...)

How do I know if someone is single?

Obviously, I can do a ring check. To see if he is married. (I am old. People my age are married).

But what are some other clues?

When I was standing in line at CanadaPost the other day, I thought of another clue. Car keys. The man in front of me (who was rather cute) was holding his car keys in his hand. He was not wearing a wedding ring. His keys, however, did tell me that he was attached. On his key ring were the keys for two vehicles. Which means one of two things. 1. He is attached, and thus his household has two vehicles, or 2. He is rich and owns two vehicles himself. (And I am going to go with the first, as the way he was dressed did not suggest that he had boatloads of money).

What are some other clues? How do you tell if someone is single?


  1. I love Laura's answer. I am terrible at this. I presume nobody on the planet is single except me. Not the best way to get dates! I'm going to start asking too, it may be the only way!

  2. Asking is scary! Haha. I have no idea how to approach men... I was hoping for some secret single clues that I didn't know about as a recently attached lady...