Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waiting on the Postman?


I signed up for the online course with Kaplan. They send you the resources in the mail. I was kind of assuming that everything would come electronically, but it didn't. It comes in the mail.

Which, the sales guy assured me was fine. The books would come in the mail, and in the meantime they had electronic copies. He emailed me the first 3 sections. Last Friday.

So I have been working steadily on them, and am almost done. My books are not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday (Jan 25). I was thinking that this was no big deal. I could just get them to email me the next few sections.

But, when I called last night, they told me that they don't have anymore sections in PDF form. They only have the first three sections.

So, now I am freaking out. I was planning on spending the entire weekend working my way through the online course, and now I don't have the materials to go with the classes. The guy on the phone told me that I could just watch the online classes, but the entire point of the classes is that they have you pause, work out the questions, and then explain how it works. It seems pointless to just watch.

I sent an email to the sales guy who sold me the course (who said it was going to be no problem for me to get the materials in the mail, because I could work on electronic ones until I got them). Hopefully there will be something that he can do for me for the next 5 days of studying.

Blah. Sorry for the rant. I am freaking myself out over this.

(This probably isn't going to help me sleep...)

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