Tuesday, January 4, 2011


There are lessons everywhere.
Yesterday, when my flight was delayed, I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself.  I was feeling sad about leaving my family behind. I was tired from not enough sleep the night before. I was delayed and travelling alone. I had to sit around in the airport all by myself and wait for the next flight. I had to make the decision to wait around in the airport for the next flight, instead of waiting until the next morning by myself. I had to lug both of my suitcases from one end of the airport to the other, only to recheck them by myself. And to top it all off, I was supposed to be travelling to the sunny carribean on that very same day to start my honeymoon cruise.

So, I'm not going to lie, I got a little bit teary for a few minutes.
But then I realized something.
My ex was a terrible traveller. He was not a patient guy when it came to waiting in lines. He got frustrated about long drives, long flights, and uncertain plans.
He would have been a nightmare yesterday. He would have been angry and grumpy when the plane turned around, and flew an hour back to where we came from. He would have been annoyed that we had to get our suitcases and head back to the departures area. He would have been fuming about the six hour wait. And he would have been a bear when we sat in the plane for 90 minutes before even leaving the gate on our second flight of the day.
And I would have been annoyed, because he was annoyed. I would have been checking with him to see how he was doing all day. Trying to cheer him up. Trying to make the day a little bit better for the both of us.
Instead I drank some wine. Read some blogs. Wrote a couple of blog posts. Tweeted non-stop. Read my book club book.
When I got home I was exhausted. And a bit sad to be back in my apartment. (And annoyed because there was some sort of sour smell that I am not sure where it was coming from). But, dispite it being a really long day, I was ok. I had some time to chill. I don't really mind airports. I like to people watch. I know that with travel, comes delays.
So, lesson learned universe. Sometimes it is better to be alone.


  1. Girl, we are so similar. I used to love to travel with my ex... once we got the destination. Otherwise, I never knew exactly what mood he'd be in. I don't think he was awful or anything, but sometimes it's great to travel alone. You have only yourself to worry about. No one to bring you down (or make you feel guilty for being in a bad mood if you just are!). This is great perspective to have. Welcome home :)

  2. Favorite line: with travel, comes delays. This made me think about the entire idea of enjoying the journey, not rushing to the destination.

  3. A great lesson TL. When we can look back clearly, and not with rose-tinted specs. And yes, to discover the fact that you CAN travel alone, and perhaps even enjoy it :)

  4. Cat, Thanks, it is good to be home! I am trying hard to put things in perspective, and not glamorize things. I was really sad when I was all alone, but made myself really think about what it would have been like if my ex was with me...

    Laura, yes it is about the journey! I actually like travelling and have to remind myself that when I am heading out.

    Nat, I did enjoy myself! What is better than wine & blogging? Haha. Who cares if it was in the airport :)