Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Caroling I go...

I went Christmas Caroling on Saturday night.

Honest to goodness, door to door, Christmas Caroling.

One of my new friends is engaged to a member of a local band. And they had the idea to do come caroling. So they gathered their friends together, and chose some songs. And then realized they were short on girls. They did not want to be an all male caroling team. So, I ended up getting a friend of a friend of the band invite.

We showed up at the meeting place, practiced for about an hour, and then head out, door to door.

It was amazing.

I have been really resisting the holidays this year. I haven't felt festive. I haven't been able to enjoy all the parts of Christmas, because I feel out of place. I couldn't send Christmas cards this year, because I couldn't face signing just my name. I couldn't bake pies or cookies, because I didn't have in laws to share them with. I did most of my shopping online, because I was afraid that I would run into someone in the mall who was going to ask me about my wedding.

But, since I think that the local news anchors are celebrities, I had to go caroling when the local band was looking for extras. (They are practically famous!)

And I had a great time!

It was raining, but not that cold. And everyone was having a great time! We stopped mostly at homes of people that we knew (or that someone in the group knew) and sang for a while. 

Occasionally we got invited in for a drink, and did some more singing inside. We did knock on a few strangers doors, and even went into a small Chinese takeout place to sing to the employees (who, by the way, were terrified of us... there may have been some cultural confusion going on).
And we sounded good! We were singing in four part harmony (and by we, I mean the group. I was singing melody. Quietly. As not to disrupt the great singers that were there).

And I felt festive! I was shaking my jingle bells, and singling my heart out (quietly).

What has put you in the Christmas Spirit this year?


  1. Answer to your question: Nothing yet. If you exclude the Christmas tree, which every year gets a little smaller... Nada.

  2. I did not put up a tree! So you are one step ahead of me :)