Monday, December 13, 2010

Holy Heat Batman!

The heat and hot water are included as a part of the rent in the apartment that I live in. Which is amazing for me. Because I love warm. I hate being cold. I love my home to be snuggly, not nippy have to wear a sweater...

But I think there is something wrong with my heater. No, I know something is wrong with my heater. When I got home from work today it was HOT in here. So I thought that maybe I had just left the heat up, so I turned it down. I had a hair appointment, so I left for a few hours.

When I got home? HOT. So I turned the heat all the way off.

There is still heat coming from the heaters.

But, it is too late to call my landlord to tell them I think something is up. And really? What are they going to do at this point, anyways?

Now, I am lying on my couch wearing pajama bottoms and a tank top. And it is HOT in here. Really hot.

I might melt.

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