Tuesday, December 7, 2010

They loan you books, FOR FREE!

I am an avid reader. I read quickly, and I will read just about anything.

About two years ago, I had a major reading breakthrough... The Library! Since going to university, I had basically forgotten about the library in a non-academic sense. I had been getting coffee just down the street from my house, and saw a tiny little public library. It was closed. So I checked the website, and made plans to go and take a look.

The morning I had planned to go, there was a snowstorm. But, I put on my boots, and headed out anyways. When I got there, it was open! This tiny library was amazing! It was filled with fiction! And personal growth non-fiction. There was a teeny-tiny reference section, but it was mostly books for personal interest.

I was stoked.

I loaded up my arms with books, and signed up for a library card. The librarian told me all about their website, where I could request any book I wanted, and they would try to get it in. Any book I wanted.

I came home from the library that morning, and was so excited. "But, they loan you books for free!" I kept telling then boyfriend, now ex. "FOR FREE!" As a non-reader, he was not nearly as excited as me.

So, I am a library user. I keep a list of books that I want to read at goodreads.com, and then I also keep track of books that I have read. Now, because of the library, I am able to read a book every week. Often, I read more than one book in a week. (For Free!) I check my goodreads for books I want to read, request them on the library website, and go to pick them up. At the public library. For free.


I am going to be off work for two weeks surrounding the holidays, and am going to be visiting my parents the entire time. I am going to have loads of time to relax, and to read.

In the past, when I am looking for a holiday read, I have gone towards ChickLit romance-y type books. Some of my favorites over the past couple of years have been The Time Traveler's WifeP.S. I Love You, and Revolutionary Road(wow, looking back on my goodreads ratings, I am really hard on books! Of my 92 read books, only 3 were given 5 stars!).

Since the holidays this year are going to be pretty challenging, I want to read some non-romance books. I want something that is not going to remind me of what a terrible state my love life has been in this year.

So, what do you read? What have you read? Any great book recommendations for me?

(Because I can request the book at the library. They loan you books for free, you know.)


  1. I love this post. i too am an avid reader. Except I do not nearly use the library's free factor enough. I love owning books and looking at them and apparently dusting them is high on my list of fun too(?).
    Here are some books I have read lately that I could not put down:
    1)Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K Dick (the movie Bladerunner is based on this book about a dystopic future)
    2)The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
    3) Fall on your knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald (I couldn't put this down, but the subject matter is pretty raw).

    I keep a list of all my novels I read on a livingsocial bookshelf app on facebook. I'm pretty harsh rater as well as it takes a lot for me to give a novel 5 stars

  2. Ok, I've got one (another I guess!) for you... Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Loved it!
    Also? The coolness of free books at the library is totally mind blowing! :)

  3. Laura, I added those to my to read list. I will let you know how they go... I did try to read "Fall on your knees" a few months ago, but my breakup brain couldn't concentrate on it. I may try again.
    Victoria, I LOVED the Hunger Games series! I couldn't put them down!

  4. When I started reading again (lost love) I didnt know what to read so I started reading Oprahs picks and by golly so far they have all been pretty good.

  5. I do love Oprah :) I have read a few of her picks, but I will recheck the list for some others... Any favorites?