Saturday, December 4, 2010

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

One of the strange things about the breakup, was not wearing my engagement ring anymore. It was something that I had checked my hand for constantly, to make sure that I hadn't lost it. And then when I stopped wearing it, well, it was awful. I was continuously checking my hand, thinking I had lost the ring. And then I would remember that it wasn't lost at all.

So, I decided that I would buy myself a ring. One to wear on my right hand. One to remind me of my strength. One to remind me that I could get through this.

So, I turned to Etsy. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I was sure that I would find whatever it was on etsy.

I wanted something that I could put text on. I wanted something simple. And then I came across Katherine Riechert Jewelry. Her pieces were dainty and beautiful.

And so I ordered a Tiny Text - Thin Posey Ring. I had it inscribed on the inside. It reads "Strength. Courage. Wisdom." I love it. It constantly reminds me to breathe, and that I can make it through all of this.

What kinds of things to you have the help you through the tough stuff?


  1. I did something really similar, I bought myself a right hand wedding band. Here's where I wrote about it:
    I know exactly how you are feeling with the missing engagement ring. You'll get used to it. Sometimes I still think mine is missing, but those times are fewer and further between, thank God.

  2. SS, I read that post (I actually read a lot of your archives). I love your ring! Missing my engagement ring comes at weird times, the other morning I reached to take it off before I put hairspray on. Such a random reminder...